Breakfasts by your own standards. Enjoy the city of Novi Sad from above.

Coffee is important to us. We take pride in making it perfect.

The light of the morning. Read the morning news and prepare for the day.

Breakfast & Brunch

The perfect flavors of the new day

Mornings are supposed to smell like breakfast. That’s what we are led to believe. Enjoy your cup of coffee, make your own tea, feel the freshness of the fruit, smell the home-made pastry, take the energy from that bacon and eggs, respect your routine, we will too.

Midday social event

Meet, greet and eat at our brunch

Brunch at its finest. A combination of dishes that offer everything you need. We respect your busy schedule, and offer fast service and comfort. Time to enjoy and taste something new, we can take care of that as well. Become a local and take your daily dose of Novi Sad at Hotel Pupin brunch time.

Each of our properties are uniquely positioned but are connected through a trail of peerless service

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