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Preparation & Pleasure

Preparation is the key. Planning is the key. Education is the key. Experience is the key. Equipment is the key. Ingredients are the key. Execution is the key. We have a lot of keys. At Zak, we try to appeal to your most delicate food receptors. Sophisticated techniques of preparation bring the most subtle details to light. The ingredients that we try hard to find transform into most delicate appetizers, exuberant entrees and stunning deserts. Carpaccio, mousse, homemade pasta, wild caught fish, lobster, grass fed beef and lamb, strawberry and chocolate are just some word that come to mind. For a suitable company, we offer a wine list of no less than 200 different wines.


Dry Age

With pleasure, we present to you our own dry aged beef. Trough this process, that can last up to 45 days, the meat changes in 2 ways. Trough the process of evaporation, it loses its water, becomes dryer and all the flavors of the beef itself intensify. The other way it changes is through the structure itself. The natural enzymes break down the connecting tissue in the muscle which leads to more tender beef. So, through the cooking process, we present to you a very special delicacy. All you have to do is to pick you type of meat.


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