Room service is a commodity that we never use enough.

Sleep in & Indulge

Room service

Breakfast in bed. Everybody deserves it from time to time. Save your time and make it unforgettable. Pick a dish from our menu and create an atmosphere where you will be in charge of your own little restaurant with an incredible view. Create a perfect dinner date where you can focus on important things.


Room Service price list


Full restaurant menu is available at our webpages Kalem by ZAK and restaurant ZAK

Freshen up and relax

Mini Bar

A selection of refreshments at your fingertips. Not far from your bed is an assortment of drinks and snacks that can be essential at any moment. Energy treats from cashews or pistachios, delicious sweets and light refreshments for the necessary hydration. And for a perfect sleep and a prescribed end to the day, a miniature that will help you relax your mental muscles.