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Dry Age - meat worthy of the greatest gourmets

Dry Age is a special, traditional way of treating the highest quality beef. You can find this delicacy on the menus of restaurants that want to offer their guests a slightly different gastronomic experience. Due to the method of preparation, the conditions necessary for the process of maturing the meat and the extraordinary taste that was obtained in the end, dry age steaks are attracting more and more attention of guests. Have you ever wondered why dry age specialties are so valued?

The process of meat maturation can take up to 45 days. During that time, it is located in a temperature-controlled chamber, which is extremely important in the entire process. Fresh meat that is ripening under constant conditions is placed in the chamber, which includes air humidity of 75-85% and an optimal temperature of 2 °C. Of great importance are special UV lamps that prevent the appearance of bacteria. The first phase that leads to a change in meat steak is evaporation. As the meat evaporates, it loses water and the taste becomes more intense. Beef loses about 15 percent of its total weight, so the aroma is much more concentrated. The second change is reflected in the change in the texture itself. Natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle that relaxes, which eventually leads to a much softer texture of the meat. According to connoisseurs of this technique, angus beef is the best choice for dry ripening of meat, primarily due to its optimal fat and structure.

Angus tomahawk is a dry age delicacy that we are proud to single out from our offer. The highest quality and freshest beef comes from the farm “Angus” from Novi Slankamen. This farm is a market leader in the field of cattle breeding of this type and production of top quality meat. An optimally ripe and extraordinarily prepared piece of meat will enchant all your senses and take you to a whole new dimension of gastronomy. The fullness of taste and irresistible softness inherent in only dry ripening will win you over at the first bite, and the dish will almost certainly be at the top of the list of favorites. You can try dry age specialties in our restaurants ZAK and Kalem in Novi Sad and in the newly opened restaurant Kalem by Zak Mountain Concept on Zlatibor.

It’s the right time to try something new and enjoy a delicacy worthy of the greatest gourmets!