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Hotel Pupin in Novi Sad deservedly
received the fifth star

After more than a year of successful business, the luxury city hotel Pupin deservedly received a fifth star. Ideal location, excellent service and exceptional facilities have contributed to the extraordinary reputation of this hotel and raised it to the very top, when it comes to hospitality in Novi Sad.

The Pupin Hotel states that they are very proud of their success.

– The fifth star is the official confirmation of our hard work and commitment. We are proud of this achievement and we will do our best to continue to meet the expectations of our guests in the future – they point out from the hotel.

Hotel Pupin is located in the center of Novi Sad and its position, in addition to the proximity of almost all important institutions and facilities, offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the perfect view. It has 42 hotel rooms and two apartments. Each accommodation unit at Hotel Pupin has been designed with special care. The combination of the finest materials, perfectly blended colors and elements, make you feel calm, relaxed and rested. Warm tones and carefully selected details complete the luxurious ambience, and the comfort and spaciousness of the rooms make this hotel unique and impressive. Modern and sophisticated, yet luxurious and recognizable style is tailored to the needs of the modern traveler, and perfect service and professional staff are always available.

When we talk about gastronomy, it is important to mention that Hotel Pupin contains as many as three restaurants: banquet restaurant, Kalem and the famous ZAK. All three restaurants are characterized by top quality food prepared according to a special recipe. The banquet restaurant offers the possibility of organizing private or business gatherings, dinner or lunch with friends, business partners or family. Restaurant Kalem is well known among the people of Novi Sad and is a favorite place to meet and have fun. It is adorned with an exceptional modern ambience, excellent food and a large assortment of drinks. Restaurant ZAK is a famous brand that offers guests pure luxury and elegance in a slightly different environment. Widely known for its top culinary delicacies, excellent service and space, it is a great choice for all those who want to try some bolder gastronomic combinations and enjoy luxury, elegance and privacy. Hotel Pupin also boasts a rich wine list with more than 300 domestic and foreign labels. If you need to organize business meetings, a modern and functionally designed conference hall located within the hotel is an ideal place for events of this type.

Hotel Pupin is managed by NS Hotels Hospitality Management Group, whose team consists exclusively of young, talented and highly qualified staff. The vision of the hotel is to provide comfort, convenience and top atmosphere to every guest, and the confirmation of successful business and diligent work is just another star.