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Lobster specialities – Delicacy that leaves no one indifferent

The lobster is the uncrowned king of crabs and sea depths. It lives in the clearest and most salty parts of the sea and it is a true culinary delicacy in the world’s most prestigious restaurants. Lobster meat is extremely esteemed and it generally stands as a symbol of luxury. It is authentic, delicious, and full of various vitamins, minerals, and other nutritive ingredients. European lobster (Homarus gammarus) is the most popular in our region and can be found in the Black Sea and on beaches all around Europe. 

When it comes to lobster preparation, there are several different ways: steaming, baking, or grilling. Experts most frequently recommend freshly boiled meat, because, in that way, it preserves most of the true aroma, quality, and beneficial properties. Because of the complex and precious lobster flavour, the sides should be mild and delicate, in order not to overpower the savor and beauty of the meat itself. This kind of meat goes best with white wine, which will complete the experience and turn it into an unforgettable experience. 

At ZAK restaurant you can try the freshest lobster meat dishes. The preservation of the freshness and the authentic aroma of this delicacy is due to the aquarium which is an attraction of its kind at our restaurant. There are lobsters in the aquarium prepared by a special recipe and in special conditions by our excellent chefs, and the specialties that are currently on the ZAK menu are green breadcrumbs lobster au gratin, and lobster pasta. If you want to experience the unique and full lobster flavour, the green breadcrumb combination is a perfect choice for you. If you would rather try a more subtle mix of spicy and striking taste and homemade pasta that somewhat dilutes the dominant lobster aroma, our pasta will not leave you indifferent.

Dare to try something special, extraordinary, and interesting. Feel the authentic taste that is impossible to describe in words and see for yourself why the lobster specialties are true culinary masterpieces of the best restaurants worldwide.