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Novak Đoković visited Novi Sad and our place with character as well

Valentine’s Day in Novi Sad was special this year. In addition to the rich city’s events offer, the people from Novi Sad were surprised by the extraordinary sight on Zmaj Jovina street – the world’s best tennis player walking around our city. A video of Novak Đoković giving money to a street musician spread very quickly on social media, as well as the video of him and his wife on the balcony of SPENS hall while enjoying Željko Samardžić’s concert.

Instagram – nolefam.rs

Judging by people’s comments, they were thrilled by the genuineness, kindness, and heartiness of the athlete who, although famous for his charm and friendliness, surprised them with the gesture that left no one indifferent. The passers-by were fascinated by the street sight, so some of them described the moment of the chance encounter with Novak as an encounter with a dear person that they have known for their entire lives.

The Đoković family used the visit to Novi Sad also to go to the restaurant Kalem by Zak – a place with character in the centre of the city. The luxurious and inspiring setting combined with the best gastronomy creations is a true paradise for all the senses, while the energy and atmosphere are what singles this restaurant out from others.

We are honoured that this time too, the best ones chose us. We believe that the Đoković family, on their next visit to our city, will gladly come back to Kalem by Zak.