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The art of cocktail preparation and cocktail drinking - Cocktails with character by PUPIN

Cocktail preparation has always been considered a form of art. Although initially, those were somewhat simpler mixtures, without special insisting on an attractive look and meticulousness, bartenders had to know the exact measures, to have a sense of harmony of taste and simply the real combination that would satisfy the needs of the lovers of these drinks.

Cocktails came to our continent in the first half of the 20th century from the USA.  Since alcohol was prohibited during the twenties in the USA during the Prohibition era, cocktails were illegally consumed at certain locations, and the most frequent main ingredient and the base was gin. Owing to the illegal liquor’s poor quality, the drinks had to be mixed with juice, while in many sources it is mentioned the fact that juice was added principally for colour, so as not to be suspected of being alcoholic drinks. Further through history, these drinks were getting different forms, the recipes were perfected, and bartenders’ knowledge was becoming ever vaster and more complete. 

At Kalem By Zak restaurant, you can try the most appreciated world-known classics, but also original cocktails which were created as a combination of the local catering industry and the world cocktail culture. Our signature recipes were inspired by the times of creation, progress, and enjoyment and they represent an ideal combination of mixology, culinary experience, and natural ingredients. For the lovers of somewhat more daring, exotic combinations, we recommend NY Nostalgic – a mix of what at first appears to be a combination of unexpected ingredients, as well as the widely known Copper by Pupin, which leaves no one indifferent with its flavour and attractive presentation. In our cocktail list, you can find the most creative original creations for everyone’s liking:  the refreshing Empire State, the seductive Red wide, the authentic Inventor, and many others. 


We prepare the world-known classics from the best quality ingredients and present them according to the most modern world standards. Regardless of the well-known taste and the steady recipe, we try to give our own signature to every cocktail.  We dedicated a special segment of our cocktail list to the themes that Mihajlo Pupin presented and brought closer to us with his long period of living and working in New York, thus at Kalem the famous
Manhattan, Cosmopolitan, Tom Collins, Amaretto sour, and many others await you as well.

The culture of cocktail drinking takes a special place at our restaurant, and a well-proven recipe, the perfect balance of ingredients, and the skillful hands of a bartender guarantee excellent taste. Whether you want to enjoy your favourite combinations or dare to try something new, rest assured you will be coming back. Summer is made for enjoyment and fun, and it is impossible to imagine good fun without cocktails. See you at Kalem!