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Three best locations for photos in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city with authentic charm and a rich cultural heritage. As such, it is a true treasury of unique sites, cultural monuments and buildings of imposing architecture. Almost on every step, you can notice an interesting place for taking photos, but three locations deserve special attention.

Petrovaradin Fortress

It is one of the main city landmarks and definitely the most frequently photographed place in Novi Sad. Petrovaradin Fortress is so inspiring, that almost every part of it can be found in visitors’ photos. Several gates, the stairs, or the walls from where the entire city can be seen, are great places for all those who wish to have a beautiful memory of Novi Sad. Still, the most popular and the most photogenic place is the terrace where the Drunken Clock is located. The terrace overlooks the river, and if you come close to the fence, you will have a grandstand view of the city behind you. If you wish to capture the whole fortress in a photo, come down to the quay and along the way enjoy the walk down the streets of Petrovaradin and the precious view from the Duga bridge.

Liberty Square

Central city square offers perhaps the most options for taking creative and exciting photos. Town Hall, the Cathedral, the monument of Svetozar Miletić, or some of the ancient buildings that are located around the square will certainly draw your attention. Thanks to the multitude of different angles and the richness of colours and shapes, you will make the photos like those from famous world metropolises.

The Stairs of Kalem Garden

In the immediate vicinity of Liberty Square, there is a restaurant Kalem by Zak, a place with character, great food and an attractive interior. The terrace of this restaurant is hidden from the city crowd and situated inside the Pupin Palace. Apart from through the restaurant, you can reach the terrace by famous stairs which in a very short time became a big attraction and a favourite place for taking photos. Since the stairs are situated in the middle of the most modern and most imposing residential – business complex in Novi Sad, which represents an amalgamation of traditional and modern architecture, you will get a truly special photo in an unconventional setting.

Special moments deserve to be remembered and immortalized. Choose your favourite places, preserve the memories of Novi Sad and enjoy all its beauty and potential.