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Your Business Ventures Support and an Ideal Choice for all Your Important Dates

Novi Sad has been deemed for years one of the biggest economy centres in our country. It became a place where some of the most important business gatherings, forums and meetings are held. Due to its convenient geographic location, it is exceptionally suitable for events from the business world. The tourist attractions and the diverse features are an additional motive for this city to be your choice of where to organize your important business event.

After you decide that Novi Sad should be the host for your gathering, it is important to choose an adequate space. Whether you want to entertain your business partners, company colleagues or future associates, it is extremely important what kind of impression you make.  Precisely the venue where you organize the event, its location and the service have a crucial role in creating a positive image.

The Hotel Pupin is located in the very centre of Novi Sad and offers its guests the state-of-the-art equipped conference room. Knowing that the important things deserve excellent conditions, we built a conference room that is functionally designed and contains premium audio equipment. The facility is completely air-conditioned and can hold 60 people, and several possible settings will suit every type of event and fulfil your every idea. Considering that the coffee breaks are very important and that they generally serve to make acquaintances and exchange contacts, our team will provide you with refreshment in pleasant surroundings. Leave an excellent impression on your associates, and we are there to support your business ventures and make a contribution to the events that matter to you.

Apart from significant business events, we also thought of those more significant and beautiful ones – private celebrations and gatherings. The restaurant of the Hotel Pupin which has the most beautiful view of the city offers its guests the possibility of organizing a private dinner or lunch. Such a concept is ideal for important dates which require top quality food, impeccable service and pleasant surroundings. The creation of your own menu in agreement with our celebrated chef will allow you for creating the event exactly as you imagined it. 

The Hotel Pupin takes care of your most important events. Whether you are searching for an adequate venue for organizing business events, or you need a setting where you and your guests will have complete privacy and impeccable service, the Hotel Pupin is the ideal choice for you.